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You need front-end developer?
Do you want to quickly convert PSD to HTML?

7 years experience in front-end development.
I mainly slice PSDs and create clean, strong and
high quality code in HTML and CSS.


High quality, clean code

I create semantic and high quality HTML code. I’m using proper HTML5 elements for markup. Code is very clean and clear. I optimize assets by using sprites technique in CSS or using SVG images. You will feel that your page is loading fast.

Responsive Web Design

I’m a specialist in Responsive Web Design. Often I use a “Mobile first” technique which is good and optimal in creating responsive websites. If you don’t have RWD design, I can convert your standard design to mobile and tablet views. This technique is very useful.


JavaScript features

If You want any JavaScript features, plugins, animations, or jQuery library - no problem! I can create some fancy features in JavaScript just for you!


Look at this website! Take a look to the HTML or CSS. There isn’t any graphics here!


My offer is $30 per hour. Each PSD will be valued on the service hours. The more PSD in package, means lower my service hour price.

Do you have any files for me to convert?